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100 ft. Electric Snake with Autofeed 

1 Day- $80.00 USD

The Speedrooter 92R with power cable feed makes the job of drain cleaning easier, faster and cleaner. Instead of wrestling with a manual snake in and out of the line, the power cable feed drives the cable into the line at up to 20 feet per minute. Put the feed in reverse and it retracts the cable easily. The power cable feed and guide tube combination allows the cable to feed smoothly into the line while keeping your hands clean and away from the spinning cable. Clears tree roots and tough stoppages in 3" to 10" drains. Machine is approximately 26" deep, 22" wide, 41" high and weighs 115lbs without cable.

The snake must be returned rinsed down or a cleaning/disinfecting charge will be applied.

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