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Bobcat® E10 Mini Excavator

1 Half Day- $160.00 USD
1 Day- $210.00 USD

If you need to rent the smallest mini-excavator available for a commercial or residential project that involves close-quarters work, this ultra compact excavator is the perfect choice. The Bobcat® E10 can fit through a 28" opening and the operator will expand the tracks to the operating width of 43" before operating the backhoe.

  • Max dig depth: 6-ft
  • Max depth of vertical wall: 4-ft 6-in
  • Reach at ground level: 10-ft 2-in
  • Dump height: 6-ft
  • Boom swing, right/left (deg): 64° / 67°
  • Arm (Stick) force: 1,248-lbs
  • Bucket digging force: 1,865-lbs
  • Lift over end (Lifting directly in front, or rear of machine), 10' radius at ground: 527-lbs

Weight: 2,593-lbs

This machine is supplied with a full tank of Diesel fuel and will need to be returned full. When returning rental, please provide Receipt showing the purchase of Diesel Fuel. Fuel and Cleaning charges applicable, if not returned in the same condition as which it left.

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