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Dexpan® Demolition Grout (Non-Explosive Demolition Agent)

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Concrete removal and rock breaking made easier. Dexpan® is a non-explosive demolition powder with 18,000-psi expansive strength when mixed with water. The slurry is poured into pre-drilled holes (1.5-inches diameter recommended) Dexpan® breaks concrete and rocks safely, and quietly. Not recommended for projects less than 6-inches in depth. Small cracks can begin to appear as early as 12 hours, but waiting for 24, 36, or 48 hours will result in more extensive and wider cracks. Non-toxic material(Calcium Oxide).

Choose the version of Dexpan (1, 2 or 3) based on the core temperature of the material you want to break (not the air temperature).

Dexpan® 1

77°F to 104°F

Dexpan® 2

50°F to 77°F

Dexpan® 3

23° F to 50°F

Sold individually in 11-lb. bags or by the case (4 bags). Please call for more information and pricing.

One 11-lb. bag will fill 9-lineal feet of 1.5-inch diameter holes.

Click here for instructional video.

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