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Toro® Dingo TX427 Narrow Track

1 Half Day- $120.00 USD
1 Day (Based on 8hr Day)- $180.00 USD

This Toro Dingo® compact utility loader possesses the versatility to handle countless jobs on every site: dig, haul, plant and build. The TX 427 narrow track design provides a low 5.1 PSI ground pressure which is easy on turf. Designed with workers in mind, all of its power is harnessed in only 3 easy-to-use controls.

  • 27-HP
  • Tip capacity: 1,530-lbs
  • Weight: 1,882-lbs
  • Width: 34"
  • Length: 92" with bucket & 71" without bucket
  • Bucket Capacity: 3.5-cu.ft.

This machine is supplied with a full tank of Regular Gasoline and will need to be returned full. When returning rental, please provide Receipt showing the purchase of Gasoline. Fuel and Cleaning charges applicable, if not returned in the same condition when rented. (Full tank of Gasoline and clean).

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